Belajar Dari Kecil

Tentang Belajar, Tentang Apa Saja, Dari Apa dan Siapa Saja serta Untuk Siapa Saja

Obama or Mc Cain…Either/Or

My Former Ustadz (Teachers; Arabic The Late…Sóren Kierkegaard) has taught me this sentence…if you vote for Obama you will regret, if you vote for Mc.Cain you will regret, either you vote for one  of them or none, you will regret both…

So..please consider this fuck’n simple things :

1. Obama and Mc Cain, both are humans…and if a human master the control or power, they may use it in a corrupt way (power tends to corrupt, absolute power, corrupt absolutely; Lord Acton)…

2. Obama and Mc Cain, create their own future by becoming US President, they will never want, or they will never be able to create US future, coz, the word future belongs to individual, not to community…but the individual future can only affect, not creating the community or state (at all) future.

3. Based upon their ages, for Obama, this section are trial section…so if he gets the prize (becoming a president) he may still hesitate what will he do next…coz…trial and error are a kin of his leadership kinship (please consider to google the underlining context of this opinion)…But if Mc Cain lead the state…he will tried to let State in confrontation situation as he always being happy to be well known as the one of American heroes (based upon his Vietnamese War’s memory)…

So the final choice for Americans (even not the wise ones) are not to vote for anybody or do vote for none for this US Presidential Election… Abstains or using the right to vote for None maybe the safest way in participating at US Presidential Election 2008…



  udin wrote @

semua senang obama menang, tapi apakah akan membantu kehidupan anda? ah tidak mungkin
Justru masalah sudah menanti dia, krisis ekonomi global

  helfims wrote @

sepakAt Mas Udin…jelaslah kalau UNtuk RI..ya…Obama cuman numpang tinggal…bukan bakal mikirin hubungan RI-AS gimana lebih baik…tulkan?

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