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Thank You Wordpress and Their Great Team!

Three days ago, I am terrified with the message upon my admin dasbboard, what was that, “My blog was suspended because of  the violation of the terms of services”

OMG! What’s wrong with me, do I offense someone or somebody with my writing or within my blog? I don’t think so! Why, because I used to put the data to emphasize my writing, so the readers can convince their own selves, whether to stuck on my opinion or to let my opinion go to the junks, and they use the others appropriate data for their own perspective.

Immediately, I was in rush, contacting the WordPress Team, as it was mentioned the address upon my own admin dashboards. Afterwards, day by day, I try to reach my blog, and the result is…. Today, 30th of June 2015, I am able to access my beautiful website. Thank You WordPress for allowing me to share my ideas, even my anger here

So, Today, with this post, I ought to thanks a lot to WordPress Team, for their express response for my problems, may ALLAH SWT, bless them all, Amen. I honored to get that service, Thank You